2021 is here. I recently decided to create my own bullet journal for the year, which allows me to put my calligraphy skills to use. I have completed January. I’m quite pleased with it.

I’m also writing a Regency Romance series so I’ll be keeping you updated with that. Other than that nothing much has happened. I’ve watched TV, read a lot of great books, and am writing.

I’m also working on my Historical Couple blog series as well as the Historical Costume blog series. Click on the blog tab and read up on the series.

Until then, there is my Highlander Romance series featuring Alpha Heroes and the women they love.

Happy New Year,


      On a windswept Scottish Isle…

Many objects wash up on the shores of the rugged Isle of Mull. The Laird of Lochbuie never expected a pregnant wife to be included in that. Honorable Niall MacLean was wed to his childhood love when she died in childbirth. Now a widower, he struggles to get beyond his grief. Then a dear friend, Ermina Bruce pleaded for his help. His protective instinct came alive and he handfasted with Ermina to save her from an unsuitable marriage and one drunken night has led to forever after and a repeat of his past heartbreak.  

The bonds of friendship…

Noble Ermina Bruce has loved Niall MacLean since he first fostered in her uncle’s home. But he loved another so she settled for the deep bonds of friendship. When her family arranged a marriage, she didn’t want she knew Niall could save her from that miserable fate. 

One night of passion…

That one night in Niall’s arms led to her pregnancy. Ermina has not told Niall of their secret baby. But his reaction isn’t her greatest fear. Her fear is even greater than the brave laird’s wrath. Every woman in her family has died in childbirth and all know the same fate awaits her. Once again, Ermina knows Niall is the only one who can save her. And if he fails, her last days shall be with the man she has loved since childhood. 

Will love have a chance to come alive?