Where the Magic Happens

My desk.  This is where I write my stories, where I waste time on twitter or check my email.  The desk is my writer’s place.  I sometimes wish I had the fancy office with a chaise lounge to spread out and become inspired by my characters and look out over my view of Malibu or Paris or Madrid.  Where everything has a place and some interior design magazine is dying to photograph because of it’s utter perfection.

But for me, this corner is perfection.  I’m surrounded by things I love and inspire me.  My office is perfect.  I have all I need to write.  Now I just need to get my book published.

Do you have an office you love?  Is there a place you’ve dream of writing?  Where do you write now? Kitchen table? Bed? Please let me know.

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  1. Hi, I write anywhere I feel inspired which tends to be just as I'm falling asleep which annoys me greatly. I loved my old room, it had everything I needed to fall into my own mind. Now I've had to give it up writing has become more difficult. How do you cope with writers block? I'd be grateful for any tips :)Kathryn

  2. One tip, which I got from Christina Dodd, when dealing with that stressful writing block is to just go where else, Starbucks, the library anyway. And I like to change writing tools on computer then use pen and paper. But most important just write even if it is horrible and don't except the writing to be perfect.Good luck and happy writings

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