An Air Force brat, Mageela Troche has lived throughout the world then landed in New York City. She wanted to leave the same day she arrived. Yet, with her stubbornness, Mageela learned to like the place and the libraries were the main reasons. Since she was a little girl, Mageela wanted to be an author and an actress, however, once in college, Mageela changed her life plan in the pursuit of money. After all, college loans must be repaid. At Syracuse University, she studied International Relations and Geography with plans to make the world a better place.

But after a tragic life event, Mageela put those plans aside and returned to New York City where she tried to find her way through life. After studying fashion design, working for various jobs, she decided to take a risk and do what she truly desired all her life–writing.

Mageela returned to writing and focused on the romance genre. Her first break came when she sold a short story to a magazine. She sold two more before the publication of her historical romance novel, The Marriage Alliance. She has gone on to write four more and a novella.

Mageela is currently writing in the cramped corner of her Big Apple apartment. She is the proud owner of a Black-masked lovebird named Boobula. She loves to hear from her readers and can be found online.