About Moi

1. I danced ballet for fourteen years. I was pigeon-toed and the doctor ordered my mother to put me in so I don’t walk like a duck. By the way, I hated every minute of it. I wanted to be outside playing in the mud.

2. I snort when I laugh. And guys lie so much that they tell me its cute. No, it isn’t. My friends laugh at it.

3. If I was a Vulcan, I think I would be considered dyslexic.photo(1)






4. I hate how I look in pictures. Believe you me, it is never pretty.

5. My favorite color is pink but I never wear it. I look at it and feel happen and it’s like bubble gum, cotton candy and flowers all mixed together.

6. I have dyed my hair every color. Blue, red, blonde, pink and black and everyone in between.

7. Clowns freak me out.

8. I can bake but can’t cook a meal.

9. I wish I could be a gym rat but I rather read a book.

10. M & Ms are my favorite candy in the world. When I was a baby, my godsister would take me out with her and so I wouldn’t tell where we had been, she stuffed my mouth with M&Ms. I stuff a handful in my mouthful and let them melt.