Hello, my readers,

August is upon us and I have been busy and a bit out of touch. My niece recently gave birth to her daughter. All in the family is overjoyed with the cute new addition and my lovebird Boobula has laid four eggs. She had never laid eggs in the eight years I had her. I thought she was a boy so you can imagine my shock.  It has been a crazy time.

The Laird’s Right,  Alec Cameron and Portia’s story is available for $2.99.  Get your copy now at Amazon

Some readers wrongly received the draft copy so if you are one of these readers just email me at MT@MageelaTroche.com so I can get the replacement copy out to you.

To read an excerpt of The Laird’s Right  as well as my other medieval Scottish romance click on the Books tab above for a sampling.

That isn’t all I am doing. I’m halfway completed on a new Scottish romance set in the sixteenth century as well as a new Regency novella.

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