Hello, my readers,

Well, much has been happening. I’ve been caring for my grand-niece who is four months old and loves to be carried. Naturally, I do her bidding. But that isn’t all. My lovebird Boobula has laid another egg. Last time she laid eggs she had four so I’m expecting more. I feel so sad for her because she sits on her eggs but she doesn’t have a mate so they will never hatch.

I’ve been writing as well. I’m almost finished with my sixteenth century Scotland set romance that happens in Mary, Queen of Scots court.

Also, I’m putting the finishing touches on Highland Scandal for its release on December 3 and will be uploading the novel to Amazon. Check out the cover below. So, sign up for my newsletter to enjoy the treats I have for my subscribers as well as my free Regency Romance, Reforming A Rake as well as the other exclusive treats that I have for my subscribers.

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