My Regency novel is finally available. His Lady Charlie is the first Regency romance I have ever written. As a reader, I love that time period. My dream has always been to pen one of my own. I had been a little trepidatious to write one of my own.  But I push through my silly fears (that was exactly what they were) and plopped my laptop on my lap and got to it.

In His Lady Charlie I included all the aspects of the Regency that I always enjoyed as a reader.

In glittering world of Regency England, Lady Charlotte Hammersley, Charlie as she is known, is more than a wallflower, she is the wall supporting the flower. Her father has pronounced this is her fourth and final season. The last chance for her to marry the man she loves. When she overhears the Earl of Harrington place a wager to turn any lady into the toast of the ton, Charlie presented herself.

The Earl of Harrington must win the wager to save his brother from destruction and the minx vows she is the perfect lady for him. He finds he cannot deny her as she intrigues him, as he has never been before. Navigating the London Season, they face scandal, jealously and the possibility their wager may be discovered and ruin their lives.

Will they win the biggest gamble of all—for their love?

I hope my fellow readers enjoy it.