Here in the Big Apple, the air is getting cooler but summer is still hanging around. Claiming the Highlander has been released and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Smashwords and at Secret Cravings Publishing Store. I am currently writing my fourth novel, Lachlan and Rowen’s story. Secret will be revealed and their loved tested.


Caelen MacKenzie married heiress Lady Brenna Grant in his youth for a large parcel of land and an earldom. Years later, Scotland trembles from the tales of the Viking Highlander yet Caelen must face his most challenging battled—returning home and to the past he ran from.

Lady Brenna loves her husband. As her loyalties are tested, the life she was reared to live is in jeopardy. She know no other life as the Countess and wife to Caelen. Snagged in the power plays of men, she will do anything to save that life and the man she loves.

From the rugged western highlands to the glittering Scottish court, they must battle the machinations of powerful men scheming against them.